A change of seasons at the Texas Renaissance Festival

This morning in our office, the birds have arrived. Every spring, a family of birds nests in the eaves on the south corner of the main office building. They build mud nests, have yellow chests, and dive bomb the office staff when we head to our vehicles. I love these birds because they mean spring has arrived, the faire will soon erupt with new vegetation, vendors will soon begin working on their booths, actors will be auditioned and cast, and another season of the festival is not too far off.

As a staff member at TRF, when I am out and about and people learn where I work, there is usually an exclamation that goes something like: “That must be such a fun place to work!”  I tell them it is, and then they launch into stories of their own faire experiences, often accompanied by photos they have saved on their phones. Pictures might be of costumed faire performers or horses or of their kids on the giant swings. People love the faire. I love the faire.

When I go on a walk on the faire site in late March, this is what I see:

March 23 #5

The TRF grounds crew works tirelessly year round to keep our 55 acre park, 100 acre parking areas, and 200 acre campgrounds covered in lush vegetation. Here, a groundskeeper checks the sprinklers that are running in the Magic Garden.

March 23 #6

The azaleas are just starting to bloom! Here’s one single flower on a plant in the Magic Garden.

March 23 #8

Where Mockingbird Lane and the Joust Arena meet, a carpenter begins to put the roof structure on a new booth.

March 23 #4

Many have never seen the Arena when it looks like this, a green meadow surrounded by empty stone benches. The vines that line the fences are a favorite hangout of bees and butterflies.

March 23 #9

Here’s a view of the preferred parking area, grass is green, flowers are blooming, not a vehicle in sight!

We know the faire site is beautiful in the spring, but honestly, we can’t wait until autumn, when all our fantastic patrons show up to play, eat, and party. See you in October!

(originally posted 4/21/2015)

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