We Love to Cosplay!

Most of the office staff and many of the performers and vendors of TRF just returned from an exciting holiday weekend at Houston’s Comicpalooza. An event which draws between 30,000 and 40,000 attendees, it’s four days of comic book heroes, sci-fi geeks, and people watching (not unlike faire, really)! There were some really fantastic costumes, striking artwork, and great music. Yours truly dressed as an Elizabethan “gentleman.” Comic conventions have been around about as long as TRF, with Comic Con San Diego starting up in 1970 and Comicpalooza in 2008. Like TRF, they started with a niche market, and have expanded their appeal to the mainstream casual attendee. But here’s a big difference, and one that makes ALL the difference for me: rather than cement floors and fluorescent lighting, fairgoers find themselves surrounded by trees and flowers, perhaps a cool breeze, sunshine or rain, and the strains of music wafting above the crowds. I love the immersive experience of our faire! We hope you’ll come out and see us this fall. Wear your steampunk or your storm trooper, your armor or your wings. We’ll welcome you all!


(originally posted 5/26/2015)

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