Summer of Love at TRF!

Greetings, readers! Our very first blog entry, back in the spring, was a tour of the TRF grounds in early spring. The grounds crew was watering the flowers (they still are), the azaleas were beginning to bloom, and the swallows were dive bombing the office staff to protect their babies in the nest.


It’s been three months, and yours truly decided to head out on my trusty yellow bicycle to survey the kingdom, see how the abundant June rains and scorching July sun are treating our beloved site.

IMG_1765The parking acreage is lush right now, full of black-eyed Susans, firewheels, and tall meadow grass. The grounds crew works through it on a cycle, mowing so that the grass doesn’t get too tall.

I want to take a moment to give a shout out to our grounds crew. They work really hard year round, maintaining roads, buildings, plumbing, and landscaping. If you see one of them during the season, pause and give them a thank you. It is a tradition at the Entertainment Building backstage that when the grounds crew rolls by on their trailer after a faire day, the Performance Company gives them a standing ovation. The faire, quite simply, would not be what it is without these hard working folks!


I headed to the new Florence shopping area, I wanted to see if the new gazebo is finished, and it looks like it is! I love it, the crew that created it have been working hard for several months, the faux marbling on the columns is a such a pretty, vibrant shade of green. I can’t wait to see what musical artists will be playing in this lovely setting.

Speaking of the new Florence shopping area, it looks like it’s at capacity, and we are excited that so many of its artisans are Texas folks. It’s always great when local artists have a place to showcase their creations.


If you don’t quite know where the new Florence area is, it is just by the water garden, so I decided to pop in there for a look at the lilies. This is one of my favorite stops on a faire day, it’s always a little cooler and quieter. If you’re like me and you appreciate a few minutes away from the crowds, duck into the water garden. You’ll get a quiet moment with nature that will refresh you!

Construction has begun on the Noble House building, with fresh white paint and a new portico being added along the front. Just inside the front gate, new souvenir booths are going up.

New booth construction is always a major element of summers at TRF. Our vendors have tremendous pride in their booths! Noble House, under new ownership, is getting a fresh coat of paint and a portico, while new Dragonslayer souvenir shoppes are being built just inside the front gate.


I met this gentleman in the Magic Garden. Birds were singing, sun was streaming through the trees. At other times, I have ridden my bike alongside deer or narrowly avoided stepping on snakes (beware, those of you who like to tromp through the foliage in the Garden). The faire grounds are home to myriad wild animals, though they are not so easily found on a crowded festival day. Except maybe the squirrels, which are bold and numerous, especially at the Sea Devil. Just ask Captain Basil Drake.


I hope you’ve enjoyed a little interactive stroll through the faire site! We are getting excited for the new season (our countdown clock says 85 days)! The ticket ladies are taking orders, the Performance Company has had its orientation, the new camp director is stocking the Drag-On Inn with supplies. It’s going to be a great season!

2 thoughts on “Summer of Love at TRF!

  1. Thank you for telling me what goes on in the Kingdom during the summer. I often wonder throughout the year about the flowers and the gardens and what new changes are happening. I only see the magic during the fall. I’m sure the garden looks lovely with the water lillies blooming…Sigh. I am counting the days until I walk thru the gates again.


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