1,001 Dreams is my favorite weekend. Maybe I love it because I have played a fairy at the Festival, frolicking around and sharing dust with little ones. Maybe I love it because so many people don garb that is so fantastical, so imaginative, so creepy, that I feel like I have been transported to another world, a Brian Froud world.



This year, we are adding a fairy house competition to the day’s magical festivities. Guests are invited to build fairy dwellings and enter them to be judged by our own fairy queen, Titania, as well as the other guests who enter the kingdom.

1,001 Dreams weekend is full of glamour and enchantment. It seems like anything might happen- a fairy might enchant you, a sorcerer might kidnap you, perhaps even the sword can be pulled from the mythical stone. We hope you’ll embrace the magic and visit us on 1,001 Dreams weekend. Wear your wings, horns, or hooves, and let your imagination take flight.

If you’re a pinner, you might enjoy our fantasy Pinterest board:

Or perhaps you’re interested in fairy houses:

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