A Pirate’s Life for Me!

Pride O'Bedlam, 2008

Pride O’Bedlam, 2008

Avast, ye landlubbers! Rosie Drake, formerly of the Pride O’Bedlam here, to bend yer ear regarding one of the most popular of our themed weekends! Next up in our series on themed weekends is “A Pirate Adventure!” This weekend is huge, packed with seafarers young and old. It’s a weekend full of drinking, sea chanties, treasure hunting, a rollicking pub sing at the Sea Devil Tavern, and a spectacular finale of fireworks.

Here are a few highlights from 2014’s Pirate Adventure weekend:


The costumes on Pirate Adventure weekend are outstanding. There’s a tremendous attention to detail. Pictured here are the costume contest winners from Saturday, 2014. The tall gentleman’s hat is a treasure map inked by hand onto leather, then shaped into this grand tricorn. The other winners built this miniature ship for their kids, she’s a mermaid (a great twist on the theme) and he’s a naval officer.


“What do you do with a drunken sailor?” I say we put him on these giant pirate ship swings! That’ll teach him to drink someone else’s share of the grog!


TRF’s crew of the Wild Rover, Captain Thatch, First Mate Murdock, and Bosun McScootybottoms (what a moniker) serenade patrons with seafaring love songs.


A wee privateer in a fabulous tutu parades at the costume contest at the Arena. What a cutie!


We discovered this patron entertaining fellow faire goers with a song and a really beautiful guitar.


A view from the crow’s nest at the Sea Devil Tavern, pub sing, 2014. This is a rollicking good time, not to be missed! A word from Captain Basil Drake: “Avast ye brethren, be ye a pirate buccaneer swashbuckler corsair or privateer, it be time to batten the hatches, raise anchor and make way to new market village. For if ye sail under the black it be our time! Come ashore for an ale slinging shanty singing Pirate Adventure!”

We hope all you scallywags will don tricorn and boots, an eye patch, or just jeans and a t-shirt and head to the Texas Renaissance Festival on October 24 and 25 to loot, plunder, pilage, and play!

For advice on talking like a pirate:


Here are some great ideas for kids’ pirate costumes:


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