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Scared ya, didn’t I? I know it’s hot as Hades itself right now, but it’s time to start  dreaming (or is that nightmaring) about All Hallow’s Eve weekend at the Texas Renaissance Festival! When it comes to costumes on this weekend, it’s no-holds-barred: scary brides, oozing zombies, and literary characters all come out to play (that guy in the middle photo was crazy gross last year- that green stuff poured out of his mouth and down his shirt- it was fantastic!)

AH 6      AH 5

We know you love Halloween weekend, we do, too. That’s why we have planned some great contests, including our revamped Jack O’Lantern contest. Bring in your pre-carved pumpkin- since you carve it at home, the sky’s the limit to your creativity.

AH 4Enter the costume contest at the Arena. The contest is for all ages, and some of the cutest, creepiest, or cleverest costumes ever are to be seen there.

AH 1See if you can get an entire bag of kettle corn (or as we call it, kettle-crack) down before any other contestant at the eating contest at the New Market Music Gazebo. This contest always draws a huge crowd of chanting spectators!

SD3_3413Visit Slayer’s Castle near the Odeon Stage for a spooky haunted house visit, complete with an amazing 3-D tour!

All Hallow’s Eve weekend is October 31 and November 1, 2015. Start your costumes, practice eating giant helpings of popcorn, and brainstorm Jack O’Lantern art. Most of all, start salivating with….antici…wait for it….pation!

If you love all things Halloween, visit our Pinterest board!

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