“Fun is Good.” -Dr. Seuss


One of the things we are most excited about here at TRF is the continued growth of family attendance! We love to see families with kids. They add such an element of fun and exploration to the Festival.


I think many people would agree that unplugging kids from technology for a day is a good idea. Giving kids a place to play old fashioned games or pet goats instead of manipulate game controls or a computer mouse makes for happier, healthier kids.


We all know what a creative environment TRF is. It’s a place full of troubadors playing acoustic instruments, knights riding horses, falcons and vultures devouring chicken, and jugglers tossing knives or bowling pins. It’s a place where acceptance of individualism is part of the culture. What better place to foster a child’s confidence and imagination?


At TRF, a child can pretend she’s one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men, a marauding pirate, or an adventurer climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. A brother and sister can battle on King of the Log, creating memories that they can relive when they’re adults raising their own kids.


Fun is the largest part of the magic formula that makes TRF such a wonderful place. Old fashioned play, the kind with wooden swords, dress up,  and silly face time, is what we do best here. Adults and kids alike leave the festival with renewed imagination and recharged creativity.


We want families to come enjoy a day at the Festival, so we are allowing kids 12 and under to come in free on Sundays. Saving at the gate means more fun inside the park! Ride the dragon eggs or swings, throw tomatoes or shoot arrows. Visit the Sturdy Beggars Mud Show or the Clan Tynker Family Circus. Most of all, play and laugh with each other. It makes the Festival, and the world, a better place to live.

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