Favorite Garb?


Bodices, kirtles, and kilts…

Chain maille bikinis, leather breastplates, and neck ruffs.

So many of you, our faithful patrons, dress up to come to the faire! It’s one of my favorite aspects of TRF. Whether it’s belly dance silk or court gown velvet, fairy wings or tricorn hat, many of you come in attire from grand to fantastical.


What do you call yours? I have three kinds of garments: clothing (which I wear for normal everyday events), costumes (which I wear on stage), and garb (which I wear at faire). I even discovered recently that people get very defensive about what others may call their faire attire!


How much do you have? I have devoted an entire closet just to what my husband and I actually wear in the course of a season, and there is more in storage up in the attic.


How do you come by your faire costumes? Do you buy them? Make them? I have a combination of pieces, some bought from clothing artists here at faire, and one dress that was custom made for me. But the vast majority of mine was all made by me. My favorite pieces of my own making are my fairy costume (for a silly sprite named Hush), and my Elizabethan gentleman costume. I love to paint silk leaves and sew on Swarovski crystals, and I especially love when the sun hits the crystals and makes little rainbows on the ground!

Trav and me 2

My gentleman’s costume, comprised of puffy slashed pants and doublet, is comfortable and easy to move around faire in. And it has the added bonus of being at least a little unique!

Time and time again, we talk to patrons who say, after their first visit, that they intend to come back all dressed up. They can tell that the outfit and the imagination are a vital part of the magic, that those who have donned tabard or toga seem to be having just a wee bit more fun.

How about you? What’s your favorite thing to wear at TRF?

Are you a pinner? Take a look at our various costuming boards!


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