Faire, Fitness, and Filth!


Every spring, a bunch of crazy folks gather at TRF to run, climb, balance, wade, and just generally get messy and have a good time. It’s the annual Renaissance Run, an event at which participants gather on the Festival site to compete in a three mile obstacle course, heavy games (think caber toss), or wedding giveaway competition; and a portion of proceeds are donated to Team RWB, whose mission is to “enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.”

The starting line is led by TRF icon Kiva, with her beautiful percheron, Samson. Some participants are pretty athletic, while others are pretty piratical: Yarrrrr!!!

After slogging through the mud pits in the Fields of New Market Campground, runners enter near the Globe stage for a go at balance beams and climbing walls.


Our “cheerleaders” may not carry pom poms or wear short skirts (in most cases that’s a good thing), but they make sure everyone is filthy, safe, and laughing. They’ll even hold your water for you while you climb Blunderbore’s Stairs!

Huzzah! Kilts, coifs, and smiles make the miles seem shorter.

Macho men coming…but maybe not so much going!

The race part of the day concludes with the Squires’ Scramble, when all the kiddos take off and run the obstacles that are in the main part of the Festival grounds. Giggles, team spirit, and fun abound!

The day ends with great live bands, beer, and hanging out with friends, all good things that make life a treasure. We hope you’ll think of joining us for next year’s run!

Learn more about Team RWB here:


Visit the official page of the Renaissance Run here:


Photos by Stephen David of Houston Event Photos


3 thoughts on “Faire, Fitness, and Filth!

  1. Just want to say many thanks for the picture! Last year was our first Ren Mud Run and it was 3-generational and we were sort of bummed when not a single pic could be found. This year the Old Crone, The Mother and The Maiden (plus the Warrior Son) are thrilled to see this picture! We’ll be back again next year and hopefully the Crone will be in better shape!!


    1. Yes – that’s us, in all our glory! Next year will be year 3 for us and we can’t wait! Thank you again!


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