Meet the Heroes!

Photo Credit Steven David

Our deepest apologies, those meddlesome villains somehow got the drop on this blog post, but they got caught up monologuing and were easily dispatched.

His Royal Majesty and his Queen have summoned some of the most powerful Heroes and Villains to do battle at the Texas Renaissance Festival for your enjoyment. Each team must compete daily in a Best of Five series for supremacy. The team that comes out on top will have their every wish granted. Choose your side.


Photo Credit Clay Parker

Team Captain Black Knight is the best hero ever and definitely not Bruce Wayne

Photo Credit Steven David

Merlin the Magnificent was summoned to advise the Black Knight and guide his team toward victory. His experience advising kings like Arthur have prepared him for all the worst the Villains have in store.

Photo Credit Robert Self

Alice is still unsure why she’s here, where here is, and even occasionally who she is. Today (because she was a different person yesterday) she is the wandering whimsy that in the last moment comes out victorious, if entirely accidental. In the meantime, she will continue her research on dimensions existing outside of time and maybe trip on air and kill a monster or two.

Photo Credit Steven David

Peter Pan is the boy who never grew up! Growing up is a trap! He would much rather go on adventures with his lost boys allied with the free people of Neverland to fight the pirates.

Photo Credit Steven David

Dorothy Gale is no stranger to foreign lands. She is excited to explore New Market and looks forward to making lots of new friends on this journey!


Photo Credit Steven David

Team captain The Cat – The Queen of Crime, the Princess of Plunder, the femme fatale herself, in the fur. She’s no ordinary thief, she’s a spectacular one.

Photo credit Jeff Cohen

The Queen of Hearts is here to take heads and eat tarts, and someone stole her tarts! Listen for her screaming if you dare to seek her out.

Photo Credit Michael Falgoust

Morgana Le Fay is High Priestess of Avalon, queen, wielder of great and powerful magic, sorceress of the highest pedigree. If you don’t like her, remember it is all Merlin’s fault.

Photo Credit Color Palette Photography

Elphaba Thropp ruler of Western Oz, widely and inaccurately known as the Wicked Witch of the West, is only seeking justice and what is by all rights her inheritance. She often wonders in what world are people who steal considered the Hero?

Photo Credit Jeff Cohen

Captain James Hook is a gentleman pirate, summoned to bring a sharp wit and even sharper hook to the already formidable cadre of villainy. If you’re looking for a seafaring scoundrel with class, look no further.

H and V
Photo Credit Steven David

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