A Magical Garden

As I have written before, one of my best things about working at TRF year round is that I get to walk the grounds as much as I like. So, several times a week, I tie on my Nikes and head out on site. Walking it reminds me of all the reasons I love the place.

My favorite spot to perambulate? The Magic Garden.

My second year on cast, 2001, the scenario story was written around the opening of the Magic Garden, old-timers may remember it: A fairy princess, Marigold,  loved a mortal, Queen Mab disapproved and cast a spell that forced the fairy princess to marry a goblin prince. There was an enchanted ending, though, and Marigold married the prince of her dreams. I played Mab, it was so fun! I have played fairies Titania and Hush in the years since, and I loved perching on a giant mushroom or napping while leaning against a fish statue.

There used to be a story that a “dark presence” hovered at the back of the garden, and to be honest, I felt it. But I think it’s been banished by all the happy folks who walk, kids who play, and couples who wed. Now the energy just feels sweet.

There’s unusual art, carved stone, and lush tree cover. On a quiet day, you hear birds chirping and singing. If you look carefully, there are still ribbons tied to branches by fairies.

Blessed be!


Photos by Steven David, Houston Event Photography

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