Meet blogger Kim Bryant


Kim is the School Days Coordinator at TRF, as well as its official blogger. A former educator, Kim holds an M.A. in Theatre from the University of Houston, and has worked in several theatres around the north Houston area. She started with TRF as a member of the Performance Company in 2000, and has played various characters over the years, such as Rosemary Drake of the Pride of Bedlam, Mimi LaBouche in the King’s Feast Hall, and fairies from Maeb to Titania to Hush.

Kim is married to Travis Bryant, TRF’s Director of Marketing. They have three children, all of whom grew up in the Performance Company at TRF.

Kim has been writing for a while, and is thrilled to write about TRF, which she loves deeply!


2 thoughts on “Meet blogger Kim Bryant

  1. Hey not sure how to contact you (the author), but my photo is being used in the PLUR section of the Middlelands, the First post, and I would love to get connected. I wasn’t notified my photo would be used, but I was pleasantly surprised when my friend asked me if this was from my facebook. Let’s get connected. Cheers, Kevin (


  2. Hi! Which photo? If I overstepped- so sorry, I tried to pull all my photos from the Middlelands Clan page and the official Middlelands Facebook page. I can take it down!


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